Rosa Shine

Rosa obtained a first-class honours degree in Biomedical Engineering from NUI Galway in 2014 and is a current PhD student in the MechBio research group, co-supervised by Dr. Ronan and Professor Peter McHugh. His research project is focused on biodegradable polymers for use in next generation coronary stents and on the development of experimental and computational techniques to provide insight into the degradation and mechanical behaviours of these devices.

Rosa is funded through a College of Engineering & Informatics postgraduate research fellowship and through a Travelling Scholarship in the Sciences, from the National University of Ireland. He was also awarded an NUI sponsored Fulbright award in June 2016, to enable him to complete an 8 month research placement at the Edelman Lab, part of the Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Centre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While at MIT, Rosa worked under the supervision of Professor Elazer Edelman to develop experimental techniques to monitor drug release from biodegradable polymers.

Outside of research, Rosa enjoys playing soccer, running, reading and volunteering.


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Shine R, Neghabat Shirazi R, Ronan W, et al. Modeling of Biodegradable Polyesters With Applications to Coronary Stents. ASME. J. Med. Devices. 2017;11(2):021007-021007-12. doi:10.1115/1.4035723.